Bring your ideas...Let's talk garages/barns/camps.

The "Garage Lumber Package" includes all the lumber to frame and board the roof, walls, upstairs and even lumber for the stairway. There are no tinker toy two by fours to these buildings. They are constucted with 6"x6" and 2"x6" post and purlin, with 2"x8" joists, 2"x10" carrying lumbers, 2"x12" stair stringers and 2'x10' stair treads. RUGGED

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With some timbers and different windows and doors, the garage package can easily be converted into a camp or cottage.

The "Garage Lumber Package" can be used to build a barn with a few modifications to the package.

It's all the lumber to build the building. Its not a pre-cut kit, so it can be easily modified into anything you want it to be.



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* The lumber packages for the above garages, barns and camps range in price from $3,000 to under $10,000. Contact Dick Walker Sawmill, Etc. at 802.273.2077 to discuss specs. and prices.

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