Bring your ideas...Let's talk cabins.

Contemporary, traditional, even round, I've supplied the cabin logs, the timbers, and the lumber for these styles of cabins and more! You don't need to be confined to anyone's pre-cut kit when you build with Cabin Logs from
    Dick Walker Sawmill, Etc. You can pay a lot more money, but you won't get anything any better or better looking, than hand-peeled cabin logs from Dick Walker Sawmill, Etc. Let's talk about a
    cabin package for you - to include the cabin logs, log or timber rafters and joists, and other lumber - even the T&G flooring. You will be glad you did.

These are just a few questions that a local buyer of Dick Walker Sawmill, Etc. has. At Dick Walker Sawmill, Etc. we customize your package to reflect your individual construction needs.

Our logs are D-shaped, which are easy to work with, easy to finish and
allows for a smooth interior wall.



 Cabin under construction

 Finished cabin
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* The lumber packages for the above cabins range in price from $15,000 to under $30,000. Contact Dick Walker Sawmill, Etc. at 802 273 2077 to discuss specs. and prices.

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