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Dick Walker Sawmill, Etc. is dedicated to the retail market. 95 percent of our products are sold to the retail customer. That means as a retail customer, you have our undivided attention and have our whole inventory of lumber to choose from.

We start with quality logs from local Vermont Loggers. Then with our well-maintained sawmill we produce accurately sawn lumber. This lumber is then double end trimmed, properly stacked and stickered. Then you the customer can select the lumber that you would like to use in your project.



 The good doctor with his first load of lumber towards his new barn.


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Cabins, garages, houses, tiny houses, camps, barns, saunas, sheds, etc.
Now you can afford to dream with Dick Walker Sawmill, Etc. -- your building materials partner.

Dick Walker Sawmill, Etc.
1072 Evergreen Road (GPS)
Poultney, VT 05764

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